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(Monterey, CA -- Morning, October 29, 2009)

•The MultiKeratome, a new surgical knife for cataract surgery, is engineered

(1) to make more effective self-sealing corneal incisions (which minimizes serious, sight-threatening infections), and

(2) to minimize the induced astigmatism (which causes blurry vision).

US Patent 7374566 (filed 10 Oct 02; issued 20 May 08)

•The Spectrum in Life (Copyright TX0007115708; 4 Jan 10).

"The Spectrum In Life"

In Science, all laws are always faithfully obeyed, while

In Medicine, it is known not to be an exact science. But,

In Politics, outcomes may easily defy logical reasoning.


In Religion, there is faith 'in God we trust,' while

In Government, there is hope the laws are obeyed.

•More to come.

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